Looking for experienced individuals with a specific skill-set should be left to the experts. Phil.Exeq Consultants are experienced and trained in technical recruitment. We have the capability, knowledge and community presence to look for these people.

Expert Search Phil.Exeq

The Expert Search covers technical positions under the umbrella of IT, Engineering, Legal Services, Finance & Accounting and other positions which requires certification or a professional license. It also covers positions with more than one (1) year of experience as long as no people management responsibilities are required.

Once engaged, we kick things off with a Consultation Session led by an industry expert. This session is very crucial and the most important stage in the entire process. During this session, every detail of each job requirement will be discussed. At the same time, we will also observe, gauge and ask questions about the company culture to which our candidates will be placed. The session will allow us to have a crystal clear understanding on your current recruitment needs and how we are to execute a successful Recruitment Campaign.

This Recruitment Campaign will include enhancement of your Job Description and Recruitment process, Recruitment Marketing Campaign (which we like to call #Opportunities), Pool Development, Candidate shortlisting through paper screening and in depth candidate interviews, and individually profiled candidate endorsements. Through out this campaign, weekly updates will be sent to you showing a detailed breakdown of all work done within that week.


We live by our tagline, “#BeyondRecruitment”. We are not your typical transactional recruitment consultants, we will Partner, we will Work, and we will Deliver. Our various Innovative Recruitment Methods are full proof. Each recruitment campaign is tailored fit to different clients. We will help you push your company to great lengths by providing the perfect candidate who not only fits the requirements of the job but also the your organizations culture.

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