We’re not going to just be your recruitment partners, we will be your STRATEGIC TALENT ACQUISITION PARTNERS.

What’s the difference?

Talent acquisition is an innovative aspect of recruitment where we apply strategy—and upon saying this, we consider not only the list of what we need for a certain role but also consider the whole package an individual can offer for the position.

In the traditional process of recruitment, we have a checklist of what we need for the candidate we’ll be hiring for the position; we call this a job description. A downside to this is that it usually becomes a black and white situation where a candidate will automatically be ticked off the shortlist if their qualifications do not fit the requirements needed for that position.

In talent acquisition, however, we choose to see beyond the job description—and by this we also consider the things that a candidate may offer that will become even helpful for the company and the position he or she is applying for. We also consider if the candidate will grow in the position in the long run, not just for the sake of filling the vacancy.

Let’s take things into perspective. Say you need for a recruitment officer and selection will highly depend on what’s written on the vacancy’s requirements. In a traditional sense, a candidate who does not have enough years of experience in recruitment may not be chosen for the role. On the flipside, a talent acquisition person may consider the candidate’s profile if they have experience in marketing—which would be a great help when it comes to creative sourcing and selecting the right talent.

Most companies may find this extremely lucrative, but why do we seem to not be able to use this method? The most probable reason for this is that it is time-consuming. It may exhaust our sourcing capabilities and because of a need to fill the vacancy, we may gloss over candidates’ profiles and only see if they have what we need.


We’ll do the hard work for you. In the long run, talent acquisition provides strategy not only for the certain vacancy that needs to be filled but also applying key metrics in making better recruitment decisions.

As we collab, this kind of strategy can be extremely helpful to an extent. This would be a cost-effective solution for you to get the benefits that are beyond your typical recruitment.