Phil Exeqsearch Solutions, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative search firm that offers beyond recruitment service. We provide professional recruitment consultancy to our partners and exciting opportunities to our job-seeking community.


Phil Exeqsearch Solutions, Inc. is the executive search arm of Asialink Finance Group. Initially part of its sister company, Consult Asia Business Solutions & Advisory, Phil Exeqsearch served as its Executive Search Division. In 2016 came the opportunity to branch out and set up a separate entity, thus Phil Exeqsearch Solutions, Inc. was born.

Presently, we partner and collaborate with various organizations as we connect them to high-potential, most sought-after, and seasoned talents across industries. Having top executive search experts, we bring recruitment outsourcing to a whole new level.


The services we offer go beyond traditional recruitment; we serve as our clients’ business partners and recruitment consultants. We aim to effectively bridge capable and highly qualified individuals to organizations that will harness their skills and professional experiences as well as meet their personal goals. In the same manner, we help organizations find and hire only the best talents who will work with them in attaining their business goals while meeting organizational standards and company culture. Phil Exeqsearch Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing organizations quality and yet economical executive search services. We recognize our clients’ need to hire only the best and most suitable talents while ensuring costs are minimized.