Phil.Exeq Search Solutions is the fastest growing recruitment firm in the Philippines.  Having top industry experts trained in various innovative recruitment methods, we bring recruitment outsourcing to a whole new level.



Phil.Exeq Search Solutions, Inc. consists of a team that values quality in their recruitment process. We provide innovative recruitment solutions with the use of our skills in talent acquisition, which effectively connects highly eligible candidates with suitable organizations.

We aim to provide companies with candidates that will greatly help their business in more ways than expected and to provide candidates with an environment that will suit their needs. And through this, become a bridge for successful talent acquisition.

We also serve as partners and consultants to clients and provide them with strategies that will help them create a productive and healthy environment for the growth of their employees. In the long run, our team provides an open and flexible consultancy service for the advancement of our clients.

That is the core of the service we provide: #BEYONDRECRUITMENT

The services we offer goes beyond the traditional recruitment solutions (which we find very transactional), we serve as your business partners and stand as legitimate Talent Acquisition consultants.


Phil.Exeq is a brain child of the same group of talented businessmen behind the Asialink Group of companies. In 2013, they decided to venture into the executive search industry; thus, Phil Exeqsearch Solutions, Inc. was born. We were initially offered as part of our sister company, Consult Asia Business Solutions & Advisory, and to serve as the recruitment arm for the Asialink Group. Come 2016, these businessmen saw the potential of Phil.Exeq. We were then given the opportunity to branch out from our sister company to become a separate entity. Since then, we’ve been partnering and doing colabs with other companies and organizations by making them become more awesome as we connect them to our jobseeking community who wants to jumpstart their careers.