Professional Etiquette For Jobseekers And Recruiters (Infographic)

Written by Stu Abancio, The All Around Guy @ Phil.Exeq June 22, 2017

Professional Etiquette for Jobseekers and Recruiters-featured

To be on your best behavior is always important, but good professional etiquette is more essential and more critical when one is looking for a job or a new talent for a company.

For job seekers, failing to create a positive and lasting impression during the initial assessment can hinder their chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

For recruiters, even the slightest mistake during the hiring process could cause them to potentially lose a valuable candidate.

Keeping up to date with the overwhelming amount of job search trends, hiring protocols and interview practices can be very stressful. Also, these trends may quickly change. In this infographic, we listed down the rules that will forever matter.  Rules that job seekers and recruiters have to keep in mind during the whole hiring process.

Professional Etiquette for Jobseekers and Recruiters-01


  1. Anjela Gomez says:

    Nice tips. Regarding Recruiters behavior there are many factors to consider for ethically. First is to remind them that they too were on “the other side of the table interviewing once”. Their comments and body language should be encouraging to get the best from a candidate, not be stone-faced. A Job Seeker who interviewed with a major So. CA food service company made me aware of the Recruiter’s unprofessional behavior. The Recruiter was actually flirting with 2 female candidates. The Job Seeker I referred was in close proximity to the Recruiter hearing comments and giggles, he said he felt he had no chance in comparison – felt defeated!


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