Philippine Recruitment Trends: Tools and Methods for 2017

Written by Kaye Pena - Associate Consultant @ Phil.Exeq March 29, 2017

Philippine Recruitment Trends: Tools and Methods for 2017

It’s a great thing to know the current trends that are bound to shape the Philippine Recruitment industry as 2017 runs its course. Like other industries, the HR is constantly evolving, and one thing that really changes a lot in HR are the recruitment trends and strategies.

Year over year, new tools and methods emerge here and there, all aim to help HR professionals to make the recruitment process faster and as efficient as possible. In this post, we discuss the top recruitment tools and methods that are sure to gain more traction this 2017.

  1. Merging of Employee Engagement and Employee Experience Goals

It is a common knowledge for many HR professionals that high employee engagement correlates directly to the overall productivity, performance, and satisfaction of the employees. However, a lot of organizations struggles to foster adequate engagement culture in the workplace. Although an employee engagement survey may help you identify problems in the workplace, it won’t be able to provide the necessary solution you need to fix those issues.

This 2017, HR organizations will develop new ways to strengthen the employee experience – from the recruitment, onboarding, to growth and offboarding stages – as of effective employee engagement tactics. Evaluating company culture through a survey will also become more important as employers look for ways to confirm that they are fostering the right organizational culture in the workplace.

  1. Social Media Recruiting

The explosion of social media in the past recent years have opened new opportunities not only for the marketing people but also for the HR professionals of organizations. The use of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn in the hiring process is so prevalent these days, that a recent study found that 84% of organizations have used social media in their recruitment process in 2016, which is a massive growth from 56% in 2011.

Not only social media houses a rich number of skilled individuals, but it also allows you take a validate if the person is a culture-fit to your organization by checking their personal interests on their profiles. To use social media to attract best talents, however, you must be knowledgeable on the best times of the day to post, what type of content to post, and how to properly engage with the potential candidates

  1. The “We Find You” Approach

The changing dynamics of recruitment process has given to a more proactive and effective strategy than the traditional method of hiring – the “We Find You” approach.

This strategy has marked the border between the traditional model of recruitment where you have to wait for the candidates to step into the HR office and apply for the open job position, to a strategy where you, the HR professional, will dive into the talent pool to find and engage with the right candidate you see perfect for the job role.

As the HR landscape becomes more digital, we can expect that more organizations will take advantage of this approach to expedite their hiring process this 2017.

  1. The Rise of Headhunters and Career Experts: Talent Search Firms

As the shortage of talent becomes more apparent here in the Philippines, doing all the recruitment process in-house means a setback for companies that runs on a very competitive environment.

Due to the rise of domestic corporations, start-up ventures and BPO and Offshoring sector, as well as the expansion of multinational brands penetrating the Filipino market, finding the perfect candidate for junior, executive, manager, technical roles have become a real challenge these days. And being unable to get the right talent at the right time will surely put you at disadvantage in your competition.

Talent search agencies play a critical role in helping companies find the right talent in a timely manner. Since they cover both the active and passive talent market, they certainly can help raise the overall quality level of every hire. Quality hire is critically important now more than ever, especially to keep labor turnover on the low side.

High attrition rate is one the problems that many companies in the Philippines are still facing these days. According to the latest labor statistics from Philippine Statistics Authority, the Philippines have a 10.13% separation rate in the second quarter of 2016.

This 2017, we can expect that more organizations and businesses will partner with talent search agencies to get quality hires through so that they can save themselves from a lot of headaches and cost of doing the hiring process all over again.

  1. Talent Acquisition Over Recruitment

Somehow connected on the trend we mentioned above, we also expect to see more HR organizations to change their hiring perspective from a mere recruitment process into a more proactive talent acquisition tactic.

Compared to recruitment process which is more linear in nature, talent acquisition is an ongoing cycle of process that start by establishing a strong employer brand, communication of employee value proposition and ongoing relationship with targeted talent segments.

It is a more strategic approach that is extremely helpful if the business is committed to build stronger relationship and aims to anticipate future hiring needs and create a sustainable pool of candidates – all of which are critical given the current situation of the labor market in the Philippines.

  1. Predictive HR Analytics

The importance of talent analytics in the HR department has never waned throughout the years, let alone has become more crucial than today due to changing dynamics of the global workforce. This year, we can expect that more HR professionals will take advantage of huge employee datasets and predictive analytics to make better strategic HR decisions.

The latest study by Bersin by Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends, in 2016, 51% of companies correlate business impact to HR programs, up from 38% in the preceding year. 44%% use workforce data to predict performance, up from 29% in 2015. However, only 8% rate themselves as doing an “excellent job” in maximizing the full capabilities of predictive analytics, so there’s still so much work to be done

As more HR organizations get better at measuring, validating, and analyzing data, we can expect that predictive analytics will become more prevalent this year to help businesses be better at identifying the right talents to hire and implement company-wide changes more effectively.

With all these trends in Philippine recruitment scene this 2017, it is safe to say that the HR organizations in our country are indeed heading towards a more proactive and dynamic outlook not only this year but in the coming years as well.

Phil. Exeq can help you with your recruitment needs in the Philippines this 2017 and beyond. Call us today at +63917 551 1245 or +632 535 4354, or send us an email at

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