Recruitment Outsourcing VS Using Job Portals (Infographic)

Written by Anne Silva - Career Quaintrelle @ Phil.Exeq March, 2017

Through the years, we have seen how the human resource sector have evolved. Decades ago, the whole recruitment process was done entirely internally – and had barely taken advantage of any technologies.

Nowadays, businesses and organizations of all kinds can either outsource their HR function so that they can focus their precious time and resources on more important tasks, or post their job openings on different job portals available on the web. Either way, both aims to help recruiters minimize the effort and stress from doing all the tedious recruitment processes.

In today’s digital age, which option can make your recruitment efforts more effective and efficient?

Both options have their own merits, and choosing which option to use is a no easy task. To know which recruiting technique is more advantageous, a thorough assessment of your exact HR needs must be performed first. That said, this infographic will discuss the pros and cons of recruitment outsourcing and job portal posting to help you pick the one that will best suit your business.

Recruitment Outsourcing VS Using Job Portal Infographic


  1. miaguthrie says:

    Progressively, outsourcing is getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the best approaches to decrease costs brought about by your organization and to enhance the nature of the last item. In any case, there are numerous choices while outsourcing. One choice you have to make is between specialists versus organizations. How about we investigate the advantages of outsourcing to consultants versus the advantages of outsourcing to a devoted organization seaward.


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