Positive and negative effects of Trump Administration to the Philippine Job Market

Edited by Kaye Pena, Associate Consultant @ Phil.Exeq January, 2017
Original content and written  by Sherilyn Sanares and Marionne Napoles


“I will make America great again”: A campaign promise that made a businessman / reality TV show host, Donald J. Trump become the 45th president of the most powerful country in the world. Tied with its victory is the goal to center its full attention to America and take aside international issues. This news made a fuss all over the world including our very own country, the Philippines.

Trump’s presidency could have mixed implications predominantly to the Filipino immigrants currently residing in America. With the newly elected president’s belief that jobs were stolen by illegal aliens and immigrants from American citizens over the past years, he will highly likely deport all non-American citizens working in the U.S.  This will dramatically decrease the number of OFW’S and unemployed immigrants in America –Filipinos included.

As a first world country, America’s safety has always been a priority and this may be one of those reasons why Trump wants to banish all undocumented foreigners residing in America. He currently released a list of terrorist countries that may cause security threats to the US and it unfortunately includes the Philippines. Entailed with Trump’s “America first” policy is the discontinuance of monetary assistance and military support America has been giving to its foreign allies including our country.

Banning BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) is another idea proposed by Trump in order to bring back his said “stolen jobs” from his fellowmen. Sadly, a large portion of our Population are currently working in this industry. This apparently shows how much of a great contributor to the decrease of unemployment America will be. Should Trump decide to implement this idea, it will greatly affect the business sectors in the Philippines.

Proven by Trump’s statement, “global trade is only a “zero-sum game”, he is not a big fan of trading system between countries. His plan of increasing tariffs will be a huge problem to those companies primarily in the Philippines relying a big part of their profit in exporting. Having no political background and backed with only an entrepreneurial mindset, his perception of governing a country may just be the same as running a business; he considers foreign countries as his competitors that may take advantage of the opportunities from his own territory if he is to ever let them in.

Trump’s victory can also affect the cooperation of America in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). He doesn’t want to interfere with non-American related issues as he doesn’t even seem to have significant concern about the Philippines-China territorial issue and the said to be inhumane extrajudicial killings unlike the outgoing administration of Obama. This may lessen the tension of President Duterte’s war against drugs but could also be a game changer for the Philippines and China’s issue. The only positive effect that we can see for now is Duterte’s being glad on Trump’s victory because the style of their governance has similarities. Trump will be focus on America and therefore he will not interfere with the problems here in our country and that exactly what Duterte wants, to make the country independent and/or having allies with China and Russia.

We have no assurance of what changes the incoming US administration is about to bring but one thing is undeniable, it will surely shift the America-Philippines relationship. This move of Trump is an awakening call for the Philippine Administration to learn how to stand on our own without relying to others.